VIRTUS' mission is to position ourselves as facilitator in any matter which requires a third-party fiduciary or arm's length management, being it succession planning, tax optimization, asset protection or other reasons. Our services include:

Trust and Foundation Services

  • Trust and estate administration
  • Formation of trust structures for efficient succession and estate planning
  • International charitable trusts
  • Intellectual property, environmental and other special purpose trusts
  • Pension trusts
  • Employee benefit trusts
  • Trusts for holding real estate, art, classic cars and other assets
  • Private Trust Company (PTC) formation and administration
  • Foundations, including Private Trustee Foundations

Corporate Services

  • Offshore corporate administration
  • Provision of the directors for Private Trust Companies
  • Provision of corporate directors and protectors
  • Investment and real estate holding companies
  • Provision of Special Purpose Vehicles for cross-border transactional purposes
  • Provision and administration of protected cell companies and incorporated cell companies as holding/investment vehicles
  • Provision and administration of general and limited partnerships as holding/investment vehicles

Investment Related Services

Virtus Investment Services Limited is licenced under the Protection of Investors (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1987. Its activities are based on the Virtus directors' long experience of investment markets and cycles. Its licence allows it to provide hybrid or ancillary services to support family offices and others. Its activities include:

  • Private fund (including private equity) administration
  • Assistance with asset allocation covering all classes
  • Assistance with investment manager selection and monitoring service
  • Consolidated investment and performance reporting services

Accounting/financial reporting and consolidation

  • Financial reporting, budgeting and preparing accounts in accordance with internationally recognised accounting standards.

Services for USA connected clients

Virtus Trust is almost unique as an independent non-bank non-US trust company in having a full US public trust licence (South Dakota) alongside its 'offshore' ones. Cases undertaken by Virtus Trust USA include:

  • Purchasing homes in US and Europe for US beneficiaries with HIRE Act in mind and investing in US commercial real estate partnerships on a tax-efficient basis
  • Pre-immigration planning with a South Dakota trust but non-US co-trustee until the US trustee is needed
  • Being named as successor trustee for foreign grantor trusts e.g. where the current trustee is elsewhere but where the option of domestication into USA (on passing of the grantor) may be needed
  • Setting up pour-over/decanting trusts for UNI/DNI from trusts administered by other trustees (often 'directed' depending on location of beneficiaries)
  • Use of the USA as an 'offshore' jurisdiction for international trusts
  • Looking after US persons involved in global financial services such as private equity and hedge funds
  • Formation of family trusteeships/partnerships including US Dynasty and Directed trusts

Other services

  • Coordinating matters relating to statutory compliance
  • FATCA sponsorship
  • Review of existing structures